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The Core Technology Of New Energy Vehicles

The Core Technology Of New Energy Vehicles

As We All Know, The Three Major Parts Of A Fuel Vehicle Are: Chassis, Engine, And Gearbox. The Three Major Parts Directly Determine The Performance, Driving Experience And Even The Quality Of The Vehicle. Therefore, The Three Major Parts Are The Embodiment Of The Core Technology Of Traditional Cars.

The Core Technology Of New Energy Vehicles Is “three Electrics”: Battery, Motor, And Electronic Control. Chassis Is Still Important, But Less Important As Chassis Technology Has Matured.

Disclaimer: The Electronic Control Mentioned Here Mainly Refers To The Control System Of Vehicle Components, And Does Not Include Vehicle Intelligence And Automatic/assisted Driving. These Two Parts Are More Important And Will Be Introduced Later.

What Is The "Three Electricity" System?

1. Battery

A Battery Is A Device That Stores Electrical Energy And Provides Energy For Driving A Car. It Acts Like The Heart And Blood Vessels Of The Human Body.

2. Motor

The Motor Is The Power Device Of The Car, Which Directly Drives The Car To Run, And Its Function Is Equivalent To The Muscles Of The Human Body. The Stronger The Muscles, The Better The Driving Performance Of The Car.

3. Electric Control

Electronic Control Is The Management And Control System For The Operation Of Various Parts Of The Car, Which Is Equivalent To The Brain And Nerve Center Of The Human Body.

The Characteristics Of "three Powers"

1. Sanden Is Not Just Hardware, But A Combination Of Hardware And Software. Hardware Is Just The Body, Software Is The Soul.

2. Sanden Is Not An Independent Component, But A Whole That Is Deeply Integrated With Each Other. For Example, A Car Battery Pack Needs A Battery Management System, And A Motor Needs A Motor Control System. These Systems Are All Part Of The Electronic Control System.

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