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What Is A New Energy Vehicle?

What Is A New Energy Vehicle?

The Energy Used By Traditional Cars Is: Gasoline, Diesel, Gas.

In Addition To These Are New Energy Sources,

At Present, New Energy Mainly Refers To Electric Energy And Hydrogen Energy.

Of Course, At This Stage, Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Vehicles Are Also Counted As New Energy Vehicles.

Why Develop New Energy Vehicle?

1.Environmental Friendly

Traditional Energy Reserves Are Limited And Pollution Is High.

Renewable Energy, Less Pollution.


The Proportion Of Our Country’s Population And Resources In The World

Our Country Is Extremely Short Of Oil, But We Can Generate A Lot Of Electricity, As Much As We Want.

3. Technology

There Is A Large Gap Between Our Country And Advanced Countries In Technologies Such As Fuel Engines And Gearboxes.

There Is Not Much Difference In Technology Such As Electric Motors, Batteries, And Intelligence, And It Is Even Expected To Overtake.

Only By Mastering Advanced Technology Can We Obtain Huge Economic Benefits.


The Use Cost Of New Energy Vehicles Is Reduced: The Driving Cost Is Reduced By About 70%, And The Maintenance Cost Is Reduced By About 50%.

Taking The Different Power Versions Of The Same Roewe Car As An Example, The Comparison Is As Follows:


Energy Consumption Per 100KM:

Energy Unit Price:

Cost Per Kilometer:

RX5(fuel Oil)                         ERX5(Pure Electricity)

     6.9L                                                    15kWH

     ¥7                                                ¥1.2/¥0.34

  ¥0.48                                            ¥0.18/¥0.05

*The Above Calculation Is A Theoretical Cost, The Actual Cost Will Be Slightly Higher.

5. Comfortable

New Energy Vehicles Are More Comfortable To Use

Quiet Ride: No Engine Noise

Smooth Start: No Shifting Jerks

Fast Start: More Flexible And Efficient Driving

Smarter Cars And Machines: Easier To Operate

Stronger Assisted Driving: Reduce Accidents And Reduce Fatigue

What are the classifications of new energy vehicles?

The above is the introduction of new energy vehicle.

What Do These Classifications Mean? Please See Our Another Article.

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