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EVSETOP Is A Long-established Manufacturer Of EV Chargers And Electrical Products With More Than 15 Years Of Experience. Our Accumulated Experience In The Electrical Field Ensures That All Of Our EV Chargers Exceed Your Expectations In Terms Of Safe Use And Performance.

Our Services

We Provide Chargers For All Car Brands In The World, Allowing OEM, ODM And OBM.

AC Charging Station

Our AC EV Charger Have Portable And Wall-Mounted, With Power From 3.5kW-22kW, Supporting Single-Phase Power And Three-Phase Power, Suitable For Household Use.


DC Charging Station

We Offer DC Charging Services For EV And Fast Charging For All EV Drivers. We Can Output 30kW To 360kW, Let Your EV Fast Connect To The Charger In Seconds, Charge To 80% Or More After About 30 Minutes.

Other Accessories

We Provide All Accessories For Charging Piles, Including Charging Heads, Charging Sockets, Charging Extension Cables, Etc.


All With Emergency Stop Switch

In the event of an emergency, the switch can immediately stop operating our EV chargers.

Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB optional)

Consumes the house’s power supply efficiently without costly upgrades to your building’s grid connection.

Open Charge Point Protocol in it (OCPP)

Allows EV charging stations from different suppliers to communicate with a central management system.

PEN Fault Detection

Monitors the  system and in the event of a fault automatically disconnects all poles including the earth conductor.

Built-in RCD for Leakage Protection

Every of our EV chargers protects everyone from the dangerous of leakage.

Compatible with all connectors

Compatible with all electric vehicles and sockets in the world.

Real-time power monitoring

The APP clearly shows how much power the car has charged and the remaining time required for charging.


Our APP can configure the WIFI environment for the charger, and the WIFI function of the mobile phone can be used as the key of the charger.

Set time
to charge

The APP can set the time to start charging, or set the time to turn off charging.


Multiple RFID cards can be added and managed, and multiple RFID accounts can be configured for families.

How to choose EV Charger

Easy to install

Our EV Charger can be wall-mounted and has IP65 protection rating, suitable for outdoor or indoor spaces, dustproof and waterproof.

Output Power

How fast you want your car to charge needs to be considered. In terms of output power, the most common choices are single-phase and three-phase chargers, with powers up to 7.4kW and 22kW respectively.

Plug and Connector

EVSETOP provides a full range of charging pile solutions, charging plugs and connectors have international stringent certification, carefully protected.

After-sales service

You need to choose a company with complete after-sales service capabilities, EVSETOP has a complete after-sales service system.

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