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How Much Moisture Does The Cruising Range Of New Energy Vehicles Have? How To Estimate The Actual Battery Life?

How Much Moisture Does The Cruising Range Of New Energy Vehicles Have? How To Estimate The Actual Battery Life?

What Is Cruising Range?

The Distance Traveled By The Car From Full Fuel/full Charge To Full Power Is Called Cruising Range. Since Refueling Is Convenient And Fast, The Cruising Range Of A Fuel Car Is Not Important.

Because Charging Is Inconvenient And Slow, The Range Of Electric Vehicles Is Very Important.

Mileage Test

Cars Need To Be Tested For Cruising Range According To Standards Before They Go On The Market. It Should Be Noted That The Test Is Carried Out In The Laboratory, Not “field Driving”. The Standard Cruising Range Is Also Calculated Based On The Test Data, And The Standard Cruising Range ≠ The Actual Cruising Range.

In Different Times And Regions, The Testing Standards Are Also Different. The Following Are The Main Testing Standards At Present:


The Early European Endurance Test Standard Was Formulated For Testing The Energy Consumption Of Fuel Vehicles. Implemented In 1997, It Is Mainly Used In Europe, China, And Australia, And It Has Been Discontinued.

2. EPA

The National Endurance Test Standard Of The United States Was Announced In 2008 And Is Mainly Used In The United States.


The Epa Standard Takes Into Account Various Influencing Factors Comprehensively.

The Testing Process Is Comprehensive, Complicated And Time-consuming.

The Test Results Are Very Close To The Actual Vehicle Conditions.


The Test Standard Jointly Formulated By The United States, Europe, Japan, Etc., Will Be Implemented In 2018, And It Is Mainly Used In Europe And Japan.


The Wltp Standard Takes Into Account Various Influencing Factors.

The Testing Standard Is Stricter Than Nedc.

The Test Results Are Closer To The Actual Vehicle Conditions.


China’s Latest Endurance Test Standard. A Few Years Ago, My Country Used The Nedc Standard, And New Vehicles Launched In 2021 Will Use The Cltc Standard.


Cltc Standards Are Relatively Loose.

Reduce The Test Speed According To The Domestic Congested Road Conditions.

The Test Results Are Quite Different From The Actual Vehicle Conditions.

For The Same Car, The Cruising Range Tested By The Above-mentioned Standards Is Also Different. The Conversion Factors Of Each Standard Are Roughly As Follows:

Endurance Standard:              CLTC        NEDC        WLTP        EPA

Conversion Factor:                     1             0.95            0.8           0.75

For Example:

The Cltc Battery Life Of An Electric Vehicle Is: 600 Kilometers

Converted Into Nedc Is About: 570 Kilometers

Converted To Wltp: 480 Kilometers

Note: The Conversion Factor Is Not An Official Official Published Accurate Data, And There Is A Big Difference Between Different Models, It Is For Reference Only.

How To Understand The Standard Cruising Range?

It Can Be Seen From The Above That The Battery Life Standards Vary Greatly, And China’s Standards Seem To Be Too Loose. Why Is This So?

1. National Conditions Are Different, And It Is Necessary To Consider Matching The Battery Life Test Standard With The National Conditions.

2. The Role Of The Standard Is To Unify The Test Conditions, And The Standard Mileage Is Mainly Used For The Horizontal Comparison Of Different Models.

3. The Actual Driving Range Will Be Affected By Many Factors Comprehensively. It Is Not A Fixed Value And Cannot Be Accurately Calculated In Advance.

How To Estimate The Actual Cruising Range?

With The Standard Cruising Range And Considering The Influence Of Various Factors, The Actual Cruising Range Can Be Quickly Estimated.

Quick Estimation Formula For Actual Battery Life:

Actual Battery Life ≈ Displayed Battery Life × Discount Rate For Each Factor

For Example, When Driving At High Speed In Winter:

Display Battery Life: 500km

10°c Weather Battery Life Discount Rate: 20% Off

High-speed Driving Discount Rate: About 30% Off

Actual Cruising Range: 500×0.8×0.7=280km

It Can Be Seen From The Formula That The Key Point Of Estimation Is To Find Out The Discount Rate Of Each Influencing Factor. The Specific Values Can Be Referred To As Follows:

1. There Are About Ten Factors That Affect The Cruising Range (for Details, Please Refer To The Previous Article). The Cltc Cruising Discount Rate For Each Factor Is Roughly As Follows:

1) Wind Resistance: Large Impact, 8-9% Off

2) Driving Speed: Great Influence, 5-10% Off

3) Degree Of Congestion: Large Impact, 80-10% Off

4) Driving Intensity: Big Impact, 8-10% Off

5) Air Temperature: Great Influence, 5-10% Off

6) Rainwater: Medium Impact, 9-9.5% Off

7) Uphill And Downhill: Medium Impact, 7-9.5% Off

8) Vehicle Load: Affected, 10-9.5% Off

9) Wheels And Tires: Little Impact, 9.5-9.3% Off

10) Tire Pressure: Little Impact, 9.5-9.7% Off

2. The Two Most Influential And Common Factors Are Driving Speed And Air Temperature. For Detailed Values, Please Refer To The Following:

3. When Estimating, Pay Attention To The Superposition Or Offset Effect Of Various Factors.

4. If You Feel That The Estimation Is Too Troublesome, Or If You Are Not Familiar With It, You Can Set The Navigation Destination On The Car, And The System Will Roughly Estimate The Remaining Power After Arrival.

Disclaimer: There Are Certain Differences In The Above Data For Various Models. It Is Recommended To Learn More About The Data Of Specific Models, Or To Summarize The Experience After Driving In Person. The Estimation Will Be More Accurate And The Confidence In Driving Will Be Stronger.

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