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Shocked That The “mobile Charging Treasure” Of Electric Vehicles Still Has These Fancy Designs?

Shocked That The “mobile Charging Treasure” Of Electric Vehicles Still Has These Fancy Designs?

01 Volkswagen: Mobile Charging Robot

The Volkswagen Mobile Charging Robot Relies On V2x (internet Of Vehicles) Technology To Interact With Electric Vehicles. After The Communication Is Started Through V2x, The Mobile Charging Robot Will Drag A Mobile Energy Storage Battery By Itself, Find The Vehicle That Needs To Be Charged And Communicate With It, Just Like Giving A Vehicle Connected To A Giant Power Bank.

From Opening The Car Electrical Socket Cover, To Connecting The Plug, To Servicing The Next Car, The Robot Works Without Human Intervention In The Whole Process.

According To Volkswagen, The Mobile Charging Robot And The Mobile Energy Storage Battery Each Have A Power Of 25kwh When Fully Charged, And Can Provide Dc Fast Charging Services With A Power Of Up To 50kw For Electric Vehicles. According To The Size Of The Parking Lot, Multiple Robots Can Also Be Used To Form A Central Charging Station To Provide Charging Services For More Vehicles At The Same Time.

02 Tesla: Giant Mobile Charging Station

Of Course, Tesla Is Not Inferior, Launching A “giant Mobile Charging Station”, Which Is Actually A Truck Loaded With Tesla’s Commercial Energy Storage Battery Megapack. There Are Multiple Charging Stations On The Truck, Which Can Charge Up To Multiple Teslas At The Same Time.

At Present, This “giant Charging Station” Can Charge Up To 250 Kilometers In 15 Minutes. According To The Owner’s Travel Data, The Truck Can Only Go To The Service Area Where The Charging Station Will Be Queued. This Solves The Charging Needs Of The Car Owner And Saves Costs. 

03 SparkCharge: Portable Mobile Power Bank

Sparkcharge, A Startup Based In Somerville, Massachusetts, Is Considered The Or Meituan Waimai Of Electric Vehicle Charging. Users Can Choose The Time, Place, Vehicle Type, And Choose The Range Of Cruising Range They Want. Then, With The Push Of A Button, It’s Delivered To Your Face. Fully Realize The Charging Freedom Of New Energy Car Owners.

04 Zipcharge: Luggage-style Mobile Power Bank

Gohub Is A “charger For Electric Vehicles” Newly Launched By Zipcharge, A British Start-up Company. This Is A Portable Electric Car Charger That Looks Like A Small Suitcase. For Ease Of Use, It Also Comes With Two Wheels And A Retractable Handle. In This Way, Although It Weighs About 20 Kg, It Can Be Easily Pulled Anywhere With Just One Hand.

When Charging An Electric Vehicle, You Only Need To Plug One End Of The Charging Cable Into The Power Socket And The Other End Into The Charging Port Of The Electric Vehicle. According To The Official Introduction, New Energy Car Owners Only Need To Spend About 30 Minutes To Add More Than 50 Kilometers Of Cruising Range To The Electric Car. The Company Also Expects To Build 100,000 Of These Shared Power Banks Around The World By 2030. However, This Kind Of Power Bank Has Limited Power, And It Is Also A Good Choice As An Emergency When No Charging Pile Is Found.

Write At The End

These Mobile Charging Treasures For Electric Vehicles Undoubtedly Get Rid Of The Limitation Of The Site And Make Up For The Shortcomings Of Imperfect Infrastructure Such As Charging Stations And Power Stations. Although It Is Not The Best Answer To The Problem Of Difficult Charging, It Is Also Important In The Energy Supply Of Trams.

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