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Introduction To The Discharge Function Of New Energy Vehicles

The Discharge Function Of New Energy Vehicles

Nancy Asked: Our Electric Cars Often Need To Be Charged, So The Question Arises: Can The Electric Energy In The Car Be Released For Use?

Answer: It Must Be Possible!

How Electricity Is Used In Ordinary Cars

1. The Usb Interface Is The Most Common In Cars. It Can Be Used To Plug In A U Disk To Listen To Music, And It Can Also Be Used To Charge Small Devices Such As Mobile Phones And Tablets. The Output Power Is Generally About 5v*2a=10w.

2. 12v Power Interface, The Power Supply Capacity Is Stronger Than Usb, And It Is Often Used To Connect Cigarette Lighters, Ventilation Massage Cushions, Usb Ports, Etc.

12v Is The Voltage Of The General Car Low-voltage Battery (also 24v Or 48v), Which Means That The 12v Power Supply Is Connected To The Low-voltage Battery.

It Should Be Noted That The Power Of The Low-voltage Battery Is Low. Some Cars Will Lose Power Or Even Be Damaged If The Low-voltage Battery Is Used For Too Long Without Starting.

3. Convert 12v To 220v With A Car Inverter, And Then You Can Connect Commonly Used Small Appliances!

The Maximum Power Of The 12v Power Supply Is About 120w-180w, Which Will Burn The Fuse. It Can Only Be Connected To Laptops, Fans, Drone Charging, Etc. Note That The Inverter Should Be Used When The Vehicle Is Started, Otherwise The Low-voltage Battery Will Lose Power Or Be Damaged.

The Discharge Function Of The New EV

4. Many New Energy Vehicles Have A V2l Function, That Is, The Vehicle Discharges To The Outside, With A Power Of About 2-15kw, And All Electrical Appliances Can Be Used. But This Function Requires The Vehicle Itself To Have V2l Function Before It Can Be Used! Byd Auto Launched The Discharge Function Earlier, Which Is Relatively Complete And Can Support Multiple Discharge Modes: 2kw Inside The Car, 3.5kw Outside The Car, And 7kw For Car-to-car (discharging To Charge Other Cars). Many New Cars Of Other Brands Also Have A Discharge Function, Such As Xiaopeng, Lixiang, Hechuang, Lantu, Jikrypton, Etc., And The Discharge Power Is Generally 2-3kw.

The V2l Discharge Function Is Not Complicated. See The Picture Below. The One-way Charger Of The Old Car Can Only Charge, While The Two-way Charger Of The New Car Can Charge And Discharge. However, Due To The Hardware + Software Involved, The Cost Of Later Modification Is High And Difficult, And It Is Basically Impossible!

Discharge "crooked Tricks" Of Old Cars

5. The Fast Charging Interface Discharge Gun, By Simulating The Fast Charging Process, Tricks The Vehicle Into Starting Charging To Connect The High-voltage Battery, And Finally Realizes Discharging. The Point Is: Electric Vehicles With Fast Charging Ports Can Be Used.

Putting A Power On Actually Used The Art Of War! This Is Also A Helpless Move! At Present, The Country Only Has Charging Standards, And There Is No Discharge Standard! I Hope It Can Be Perfected In The Future To Benefit The Majority Of Riders.

Of Course, The Art Of War Is Also Risky. General Vehicles Are Not Designed With “discharge” In Mind, And They Have Not Been Rigorously Designed And Tested. There May Be Unknown Risks. You Need To Be Cautious When Purchasing And Using Them! At The Same Time, The Art Of War May Also Be Seen Through. Some Models Have Strict Inspections. After A Few Minutes, If They Are Not Charging, They Will Automatically Disconnect And Cannot Be Used Normally.

New Product: Charging And Discharging All-in-one Machine

6. Nio Has Recently Released A Charging And Discharging Integrated Machine, Which Can Be Charged And Discharged, And Is Compatible With Most Other Brands Of Cars. It Is Worth Recommending!

First Of All, As A Product Of An Automobile Manufacturer, The Safety Performance Is Full! It Not Only Protects Equipment And People, But Also Effectively Protects Vehicles And High-voltage Batteries.

Secondly, The Protection Level Reaches Ip66, And It Is Not Afraid Of Rain, Which Is Most Suitable For Outdoor Camping.

It Looks Pretty Cool, But It Also Has Drawbacks. The Price Is Slightly Higher Than The Sum Of Ordinary Discharge Guns And Car Chargers. But Security Is Worth The Fare, After All, Security Is No Small Matter. In Addition, It Is A Bit Troublesome To Charge The All-in-one Machine Before Discharging And Using It. In Fact, It Is Normal. Before Discharging, The Device Needs To Communicate With The Vehicle, And The High-voltage Battery Can Only Be Connected To The High-voltage Battery By Matching Various “signs”. The Communication Process Requires Electricity.

Why Use A Supercapacitor Instead Of A Battery? Because The All-in-one Machine Has Been Placed In The Car For A Long Time, The Built-in Battery Must Meet The Car-level Standards, But There Is No Suitable Product At Present, And Only Supercapacitors Can Be Used.

Supercapacitors Will Not Explode Or Catch Fire, And Are Safer Than Batteries. The Disadvantage Is That They Can Store Less Power And Self-discharge Faster.

Precautions For Using Discharge Equipment

There Are So Many Discharge Devices Introduced Earlier, You Can Buy Them According To Your Needs. By The Way, Do I Need To Pay Attention To Anything When Using Discharge Equipment? The Most Important Thing Is That The Power Consumption Should Not Exceed The Discharge Power, Just Add Up The Power Of The Connected Electrical Appliances And Calculate It.

To Sum It Up Briefly:

① If You Only Need To Use Small Electrical Appliances, You Can Buy A Car Inverter And Connect It To A 12v Power Supply.

② If You Want To Have A Picnic Or Camping, And The Vehicle Has Its Own Discharge Function, You Can Buy A Slow Charging And Discharging Socket.

③ If The Vehicle Does Not Have Its Own Discharge Function, You Can Purchase A Fast Charging Interface Discharge Device, But You Need To Confirm Whether The Model Can Be Used Normally.

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