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The Most Comprehensive Rainy Season Driving Maintenance Precautions

The Most Comprehensive Rainy Season Driving Maintenance Precautions

Safe Driving in Rainy Season

1. On Rainy Days, The Road Surface Is Slippery. You Should Lightly Step On The Accelerator And Brake To Increase The Following Distance And Reduce The Speed (especially On Sharp Curves).

2. The Sight Of Pedestrians Is Easily Blocked By Rain Gear, And The Driver Is In A Hurry, So The Driver Should Pay More Attention To Avoiding In Advance.

3. Slow Down On Roads With Accumulated Water To Avoid The Following Consequences:

4. When You Need To Pass Through Deep Water, The Speed Should Be Lower Than 10 Kilometers Per Hour Without Stopping In The Middle. The Safe Wading Depth Recommendations Are As Follows:

5. After Passing Through Deep Water, The Water Stains On The Brake Disc Will Affect The Braking Ability. Please Pay Attention To Lightly Stepping On It Several Times To Remove It.

6. It Is Easy To Slip When Entering The Parking Lot With Floor Paint In Rainy Days, And The Space Of The Parking Lot Is Narrow. Please Drive Slowly To Avoid Collisions.

7. The Energy Consumption Of Electric Vehicles Increases In Rainy Days, And The Battery Life Of Long-distance High-speed Driving Will Be Significantly Reduced. Please Plan The Charging Route.

Use Of Vehicles And Equipment In The Rainy Season

1. Use of wipers
The meaning of the wiper icon is as follows

The Front Window Wiper Generally Has The Following Operating Gears, And You Can Choose The Appropriate One According To The Size Of The Rain:

① Reset After Manually Brushing Once

② Close

③ Low-speed Rotation/intelligent Induction Rotation

④ Medium Speed Rotation

⑤ High Speed Rotation

⑥ The Front Window Sprays Water And Rotates (release To Stop)

The Rear Window Wiper Generally Only Has The Following Three Operating Gears:

① Intermittent Rotation

② Close

③ Spray Water On The Rear Window And Turn It (release It To Stop)

2. The Use Of Headlights In Rainy And Foggy Weather

Suggestions For Driving Speed And Turning On Headlights In Rainy Days Are As Follows:

①when It Rains Lightly Or The Light Is A Little Dark: The Visibility Is Less Than 200 Meters, And The Speed Is About 60 Kilometers Per Hour, Please Turn On The Following Lights: Dipped Beam.

② Moderate Rain Or Low Light: Visibility Is Less Than 100 Meters, And The Speed Is About 40 Kilometers Per Hour. Please Turn On The Following Lights: Dipped Beam, Front And Rear Fog Lights.

③heavy Rain Or Above: The Visibility Is Less Than 50 Meters, And The Speed Is About 20 Kilometers Per Hour. Please Turn On The Following Lights: Dipped Beam, Front And Rear Fog Lights, And Hazard Warning Lights.

3. The Use Of Window Defogging And Rearview Mirror Heating

The Principle Of Window Fogging In Rainy Days Or Winter:

Water Vapor In The Hot Air Encounters The Cooler Glass And Condenses Into Fine Water Droplets Causing Diffuse Reflection Of Light.

Solutions To Foggy Windows Or Rain On Exterior Rearview Mirrors:

①press The Front/side Window Defogging Button, The Air Conditioner Will Blow The Front/side Window To Evaporate And Blow Away The Small Water Droplets.

②press The Rear Window Defogging + Exterior Mirror Heating Button, The Exterior Mirror Heating Will Be Turned On At The Same Time, It Will Automatically Turn Off In About Ten Minutes, And It Can Be Turned On Again If Necessary.

③ Solve The Root Cause Of Window Fogging: Reduce The Temperature Difference Between Inside And Outside The Car, Such As Opening The Window, Adjusting The Temperature Of The Air Conditioner Or External Circulation.

④Other methods: use detergent mixed with water (or defogging agent) to apply on the glass and rearview mirror to prevent fogging and light raindrops.

4. Please remember to close the windows when parking in the rainy season

① For Vehicles With App Remote Control, Pay Attention To Check And Close The Windows.

② If You Find That The Car Windows Are Not Closed After Turning Off The Engine, You Can Close The Windows With One Key: Press And Hold The Lock Button On The Remote Control Key To Close All The Windows And Sunroof; Press And Hold The Unlock Button To Open All The Windows For Heat Dissipation.

Vehicle Maintenance In Rainy Season

1. Before The Rainy Season Every Year, It Is Recommended To Clear The Drain Holes Of The Sunroof During Maintenance Or Car Washing To Prevent Rainwater From Leaking Into The Car.

There May Be 2-4 Drain Holes And Pipes In The Skylight, And It Is Recommended To Use A High-pressure Air Gun To Clean Them.

2. During The Rainy Season, The Air-conditioning Filter Element Of The Car Is Easy To Get Wet, Causing Mold And Peculiar Smell. It Is Recommended To Replace It Before And After The Rainy Season Every Year.

3. After The Vehicle Is Wet, The Brake Disc Is Easy To Rust. In Severe Cases, The Brakes Will Make Abnormal Noises. This Is A Normal Phenomenon. Just Lightly Step On The Brake A Few Times To Wear It Off.

4. After Driving Through Deep Water, Water Or Gravel May Enter The Engine Room. It Should Be Checked And Cleaned In Time To Avoid Damage To Components.

5. During Rain Or Thunderstorm, The Electric Car Can Be Charged In The Open Air. Before Inserting The Gun, Please Make Sure That There Is No Water Stain Or Foreign Matter On The Interface.

Regardless Of Fast Charging Or Slow Charging, The Interface Is Waterproof After The Gun Is Inserted, And Charging In Rain And Snow Is No Problem At All.

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