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What Is A Hydrogen Energy Vehicle?

What Is A Hydrogen Energy Vehicle?

Hydrogen Energy Vehicles Are Similar To Pure Electric Vehicles, The Difference Is That The Vehicle Does Not Carry Batteries, But Hydrogen, Which Uses Hydrogen To React With Oxygen In The Air To Generate Electric Current, And Then Drives The Vehicle.

The Core Component Of A Hydrogen Energy Vehicle Is A Fuel Cell. When In Use, Hydrogen And Oxygen React In The Fuel Cell To Generate Electricity. The Final Emission Is Only Water, Without Noise And Pollutants.

Advantages Of Hydrogen Energy Vehicles:

(1) Driven By An Electric Motor, It Has The Advantages Of A Pure Electric Vehicle, Such As Fast Start, Smooth And Quiet Driving, And Comfortable Driving.

(2) No Pollution And No Noise To The Environment.

(3) The Mechanical Power Structure Is Simple And The Failure Rate Is Low.

(4) Easy To Realize Intelligent And Automatic Driving.

(5) The Hydrogenation Process Is As Fast As Refueling, And The Cruising Range Is Long.

Disadvantages Of Hydrogen Energy Vehicles:

(1) At Present, The Main Method Of Producing Hydrogen Is Electrolysis Of Water, And The Energy Lost In The Process Is Relatively Large, Which Is Not Economical.

(2) The Cost Of Hydrogen Refueling Station Construction, Storage And Transportation Of Hydrogen Is Too High.

(3) Hydrogen Is More Flammable And Explosive Than Fuel, And Has Higher Safety Hazards.

Application Analysis Of Hydrogen Energy Vehicles

(1) Combining The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hydrogen Energy Vehicles, It Is More Suitable For Large Commercial Vehicles, Such As Buses, Buses, Large Trucks, And Even Airplanes And Ships.

(2) At Present, Japanese Manufacturers Are Leading In Hydrogen Energy Research And Have More Technical Patents. Other Countries Will Be At A Disadvantage If They Follow Up. Therefore, Europe, The United States And China Have Chosen To Vigorously Develop Pure Electric Vehicles.

What Are Hydrogen Energy Vehicles?

At Present, Hydrogen Energy Vehicles Are Still In The Research Stage, And There Are Few Models On The Market. There Are Toyota Mirai And Audi Q5 Hfc Abroad, And Saic Maxus Euniq 7 In China. In Addition, Hydrogen Energy Buses Are Also In Trial Operation In Some Cities.

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