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What Is A Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle?

What is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle?

A Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Is A Hybrid Vehicle That Can Be Connected To An External Power Source To Charge The Vehicle’s Battery Pack. The Vehicle Can Be Refueled And Recharged.

Features Of Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

(1) The Battery Pack Of A Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Is Relatively Small, Generally About 10-20 Kilowatt-Hours, And The Pure Electric Battery Life Is About 50-150 Kilometers. The Reason For The Smaller Battery Is To Give Priority To Economy, As Long As It Is Enough. If The Battery Is Too Large, The Weight Of The Vehicle Will Increase, And Energy Consumption Will Further Increase At The Same Time.

(2) Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Generally Can Only Use Slow Charging, The Charging Speed Is Very Slow, About 3 Degrees Per Hour, And It Takes About 2-4 Hours To Fully Charge. At Present, There Are Also A Few New Hybrid Models With Larger Batteries (About 20 kWh), Which Can Use Fast Charging, But The Charging Speed Will Be Slower Than That Of Pure Electric Vehicles.

(3) Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Can Have Three Driving Modes: 

Pure Electric Driving (Low-Speed Driving In Urban Areas), 

Pure Oil Driving (High-Speed Long-Distance Driving), 

Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Driving (When A Deep Step On The Accelerator Requires Higher Power). 

The Above Three Modes Are Automatically Switched By The System Without User Operation.

(4) Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Can Generate Electricity By Themselves. When The Power Is Low, The Engine Uses Fuel To Drive The Vehicle, And At The Same Time Drives The Motor To Rotate, There By Generating Current To Charge The Battery.

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