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What Is A Hybrid Car?

What Is A Hybrid Car?

It Refers To A Car That Has A Fuel Engine And An Electric Motor At The Same Time. This Kind Of Car Can Use Fuel And Electricity As A Power Source, And The Two Powers Are Mixed, Referred To As Hybrid.

To Put It Simply, A Hybrid Vehicle Is Based On A Fuel Vehicle, Adding An Electric Drive System (Motor And Battery).

Advantages Of Hybrid Cars:

(1) It Can Be Refueled And Charged, So There Is No Need To Worry About Battery Life.

(2) The Energy Consumption Is Lower Than That Of Fuel Vehicles, Which Saves The Cost Of Use.

Taking The Different Power Versions Of The Same Roewe Car As An Example, The Comparison Is As Follows:



Energy Consumption Per 100KM:

Energy Unit Price:

Cost Per Kilometer:


RX5(fuel Oil)                              ERX5(Hybrid)

     6.9L                                                2.3L+10kWH

     ¥7                                                 ¥7/¥1.2

  ¥0.48                                                  ¥0.28

*Calculated Based On The Average Electricity Price Of Public Charging Piles

(3) Power is stronger than fuel vehicles.

Simultaneous use of engine + motor drive during rapid acceleration.

Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars

(1) The power Equipment Increases, The Vehicle Cost Increases, And The Vehicle Price Increases By About 20,000-30,000 Yuan.

(2) The Power System Is Complex And The Probability Of Failure Increases.

(3) There Are Many Equipments, And The Maintenance Cost Also Increases.

Analysis Of The Use Of Hybrid Vehicles:

Simply Put, Hybrid Vehicles Have Both The Advantages Of Fuel Vehicles And Electric Vehicles, As Well As The Disadvantages Of Both.

(1) The Use Cost Is Reduced, But The Car Purchase Cost Is Increased.

(2) No Worry About Battery Life And Lower Energy Consumption Than Gasoline Vehicles, Suitable For Users With More Long-Distance Travel.

(3) The Pure Electric Battery Life Is Short, And It Needs To Be Charged Every Day, And The Charging Speed Is Slow. It Is Suitable For Users With Household Or Fixed Charging Piles.

(4) Based on its advantages and disadvantages, it can be seen that hybrid vehicles are transitional products and are more suitable for specific users at this stage.

Classification Of Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles Can Also Be Divided Into Two Categories: Plug-In And Non-Plug-In, Each With Its Own Characteristics.

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