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What Is A Non-Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle?

What is a non-plug-in hybrid vehicle?

Non-Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Are Hybrid Vehicles That Can Not Be Plugged In To Charge The Vehicle’s Battery Pack. The Vehicle Has No Charging Interface And Can Not Be Recharged. It Can Only Be Driven With Refueling.

Non-Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Mainly Recover Excess Energy When Braking Or Driving At Low Speeds, Convert It Into Electrical Energy And Store It In The Battery, And Use Electric Motors To Assist Driving When Starting Or Accelerating To Achieve Energy-Saving Purposes. The Main Source Of Power For Non-Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Is The Fuel Engine, And The Electric Motor Is Only An Auxiliary Drive.

Features Of Non-Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

(1) Non-Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Still Maintain Traditional Car Usage And Driving Habits, And Users Do Not Need To Charge Or Change Other Driving Operations. Operations Such As Energy Recovery And Power Switching Are Automatically Performed By The System.

(2) The Battery Of Non-Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Is Very Small, And The Pure Electric Driving Is Only A Few Kilometers, And It Can Not Be Used For Long-Distance Pure Electric Driving.

(3) Non-Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Are Invested With Less Cost, Which Reduces Vehicle Energy Consumption. For Users, It Really Saves Money, But It Does Not Solve The Fundamental Energy Problem, And It Is Still Using Oil.

(4) Non-Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Can Only Get Blue Cards, Not Green Cards For New Energy Vehicles. Some Regions Define This Type Of Vehicle As An “Energy-Saving Vehicle” And Can Participate In The Corresponding Energy-Saving Vehicle Lottery.

What Are The Non-Plug-In Hybrid Car Brands?

At Present, It Is Mainly The Models Launched By Japanese Manufacturers Toyota And Honda, Such As Camry, Ralink, Corolla, Avalon, Lexus CT/ES, Accord And So On. Some Models May Have Plug-In And Non-Plug-In Models At The Same Time, And You Need To Pay Attention To Distinguishing Them.

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