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What Is A Pure Electric Vehicle?

What Is A Pure Electric Vehicle?

A Vehicle That Stores Electricity Only In Batteries And Is Driven By An Electric Motor. The Battery Capacity Of Pure Electric Vehicles Is Relatively Large, And It Can Generally Be Charged Quickly Or Slowly. There Are Also Some Miniature Pure Electric Vehicles That Can Not Be Charged Quickly Due To Their Small Batteries, But Can Only Be Charged Slowly.

Advantages Of Pure Electric Vehicles:

(1) Quick Start, Smooth And Quiet Driving, And Comfortable Driving.

(2) No Pollution To The Environment, No Noise Impact And No Emissions During Use.

() The Use Cost Is Very Low And The Maintenance Is Cheap.

(4) The Mechanical Power Structure Of The Motor Is Simple And The Failure Rate Is Low. There Are No Complicated Parts Such As Engines, Shifting Gearboxes, Etc.

(5) Easy To Realize Intelligent And Automatic Driving.

(6) At Present, There Is No Limit To The Purchase Of Licenses, And The Purchase Tax Is Exempted.

Disadvantages of pure electric vehicles

(1) Insufficient Cruising Range And Inconvenient For Long-Distance Driving.

(2) Charging Is Too Slow Compared To Refueling.

(3) There Are Few Charging Facilities, And They Need To Be Widely Popularized.

(4) The Performance Of The Battery Is Not Stable Enough, And There Are Many Problems: Reduced Battery Life At Low Temperature, Easy Spontaneous Combustion At High Temperature, And Easy Attenuation Of Lifespan, Etc.

The Prospect Of Pure Electric Vehicles

(1) Electric Energy Has The Advantages Of Sustainable Production, Easy Use, Easy Transportation, Environmental Protection, And Low Cost. It Will Still Be The Most Important Energy Source In The Foreseeable Future.

(2) In Addition To The Advantages Of Simple Structure And Low Maintenance And Use Costs, Pure Electric Vehicles Are Also Easy To Realize Intelligent And Automatic Driving, Which Is The Most Important Development Direction Of Automobiles.

(3) Major Countries In The World Have Announced The Timetable For Stopping The Sale Of Fuel Vehicles, And Major Car Companies Have Also Released Electrification Transformation Plans. Pure Electric Vehicles Have Become A Recognized Development Trend.

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