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What Is An Extended-Range Car?

What Is An Extended-Range Car?

On The Basis Of A Pure Electric Vehicle, A Gasoline Power Generation System Is Added, Which Can Directly Generate Electricity For The Vehicle To Run, Or Charge The Battery Pack, Thereby Increasing The Mileage Of The Electric Vehicle, Referred To As The Extended Range.

Simply Put, An Extended-range Vehicle Is A Pure Electric Vehicle With Its Own Generator.

Advantages Of Extended-range Vehicles:

(1) Only Electric Motors Are Used To Drive, So It Has Some Advantages Of Pure Electric Vehicles, Such As Fast Start, Smooth And Quiet Driving, And Comfortable Driving.

(2) It Can Be Refueled And Charged, So There Is No Need To Worry About Battery Life. Moreover, The Battery Is Large And Can Be Charged Slowly Or Quickly.

(3) Pure Electric Drive Is Easy To Realize Intelligent And Automatic Driving.

Disadvantages Of Extended-range Vehicles:

(1) With An Additional Power Generation System, The Weight Of The Vehicle Increases And The Space Becomes Smaller. Therefore, The General Range-extended Vehicle Is Relatively Large And Has High Energy Consumption, So The Energy Saving Effect Is Not Obvious.

(2) The Power Consumption Is Less Than That Of Pure Electric Vehicles. When The Power Is Low, The Generator Starts To Work. At This Time, The Noise Is Louder, And It Is Limited By The Power Of The Generator. In Extreme Cases, The Vehicle May Be Underpowered.

Analysis Of The Use Of Extended-range Vehicles:

(1) Strictly Speaking, Range-extenders Are Also Hybrid Vehicles, And The Current Licensing Rules Are The Same As Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles.

(2) The Purchase Cost, Usage Cost, Failure Rate, Etc. Are Between Hybrid And Pure Electric Vehicles.

(3) There Is No Need To Worry About Battery Life, Which Is More Suitable For Long-Distance Travel.

What Are The Extended-range Vehicles?

Range-extended Vehicles Are Also Transitional Products, With Fewer Models, Mainly Lixiang One, Celes Sf5, Buick Velite 5, Lantu Free, Etc.

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