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What Is A Power Battery?

What Is A Power Battery?

A Battery In A Broad Sense Refers To A Device That Generates Electrical Energy, Including Lithium Batteries, Fuel Cells, Solar Cells, Etc.; A Battery In General Refers To A Storage Battery, Which Is A Device That Can Convert Chemical Energy And Electrical Energy Through Chemical Reactions. The Basic Structure Of The Battery Includes: Positive Electrode, Negative Electrode, Electrolyte And Container.

There Are A Variety Of Batteries For Different Purposes On New Energy Vehicles, Among Which The Ones That Provide Electricity To Drive Vehicles Are Called Power Batteries. There Is Also A Low-voltage Battery On The Car, Which Is Mainly Used For The Car Machine, And The Low-voltage Battery Can Also Be Used When The Vehicle Is Turned Off. The Power Battery, Also Known As A High-voltage Battery, Is Generally Used For Air Conditioning And Driving After Starting.

The Power Battery Is Installed Above The Chassis Of The Car. On The One Hand, It Can Protect It From Collisions, And On The Other Hand, It Can Lower The Center Of Gravity Of The Vehicle, Which Is Conducive To Driving Safety.

The Composition Of The Power Battery

1. Cell:

It Is The Most Basic Granular Battery, Similar To The Dry Batteries We Use Every Day, With Positive And Negative Poles.

2. Battery Module

Multiple Batteries Are Connected In Series To Form A Battery Module, And The Module Also Has Components Such As A Casing, A Sensor, And An Interface.

3. Battery Pack

Multiple Battery Modules Plus A Protective Case, Cooling And Heating Control System, Charge And Discharge Control System, Etc. Constitute The Power Battery Pack Of The Car.

Characteristics Of Power Battery

1. The Battery Needs To Be Used At A Suitable Temperature, About 25°c Is The Best, And The Working Range Is -20°c To 55°c. Too High Or Too Low Will Affect The Charging And Discharging Capacity.

2. It Is Best To Use The Battery With “shallow Charging And Shallow Discharge”, Neither Charging Too Much Nor Using It All Up, It Is Best To Use The Battery Between 20% And 80%.

3. The Charging Speed Of The Battery Will Gradually Slow Down As The Power Increases, That Is To Say, The Fuller The Power, The Slower The Charging Speed.

Problems With Power Batteries

1. The Battery Will Gradually Attenuate During Use (the Usable Power Will Decrease And Cannot Be Recovered), And The Attenuation Cannot Be Avoided, But Good Usage Habits Can Delay The Attenuation.

2. The Battery Is Greatly Affected By The Ambient Temperature, And It Will Affect The Use In The Cold Winter Weather In The North.

3. In Extreme Cases, The Battery Is Prone To Spontaneous Combustion.

4. The Spontaneous Combustion Of The Battery Is Difficult To Extinguish, And The General Fire Extinguisher Is Basically Useless, And The Fire Can Only Be Controlled By Pouring A Lot Of Water To Cool Down.

5. The Battery Production And Scrapping Process Will Cause Environmental Pollution, But As Long As It Is Strictly Handled, The Actual Impact Will Be Small.

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