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Analysis Of The Difference Between Blade Battery And Square Battery

Analysis Of The Difference Between Blade Battery And Square Battery

The Shape Of The Cell

In Addition To The Material Will Affect The Performance Of The Battery, Different Manufacturing Processes Will Also Lead To Differences In The Performance Of The Battery.

At Present, There Are Three Shapes Of Batteries Used In Power Batteries.

Cube Battery Pack

The General Production Method Of The Battery Pack Is: N Cells Are Packaged Into A Square-shaped Module, And The N Modules Are Then Packaged Into A Battery Pack For The Vehicle, Which Is Called A Square Battery Pack.

The Advantage Of The Square Battery Pack Is That The Production Process Is Simple, And The Maintenance Is Convenient And Economical. The Disadvantage Is That There Are Many Components And Low Energy Density.

Blade Battery Pack

The Blade Battery Pack Is Also Called Ctp Battery Pack (cell To Pack), That Is, The Cells Are Directly Packaged Into A Battery Pack. A Single Pouch Cell Is Made Into A Thin And Long Blade Shape, And Directly Packaged Into A Battery Pack.

The Blade Battery Is Mainly An Improvement In The Manufacturing Process, And More Cells Are Arranged In A Limited Space, Thereby Improving The Overall Energy Density Of The Battery.

The Advantage Of The Chip Battery Pack Is That It Improves The Energy Density And Reduces The Number Of Components; The Disadvantage Is That The Anti-collision Performance Decreases, The Production Process Is Complicated, And The Maintenance Cost Is High.

Comprehensive Comparison Of Various Battery Packs

With The Improvement Of Cathode Materials And Manufacturing Processes, Power Battery Packs Have Also Undergone Many Changes.

At Present, It Is Very Difficult To Improve The Chemical Performance Of Batteries. It Is Effective To Improve The Manufacturing Process Of Blade Batteries Or Magazine Batteries To Improve Battery Performance. In The Next Few Years, More New Processes Will Appear To Continue To Promote Battery Performance. Progress.

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