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What Is An Electronic Control System?

What Is An Electronic Control System?

Electronic Control Is The General Term For All Electronic Control System Software + Hardware Of The Vehicle, Including Battery Management, Power System Management, Braking And Energy Recovery, Electric Power Assist, Cockpit Control, Etc.

The Electronic Control System Is Equivalent To The “brain And Nervous System” Of The Vehicle. The More Powerful The Electronic Control System, The Better The Control And Driving Ability Of The Vehicle. Fuel Vehicles Also Have Electronic Control Systems, But They Are Relatively Simple, While New Energy Vehicles Have More Complex And Powerful Electronic Control Systems.

The Role Of Electronic Control

The Electronic Control System Cannot Be Intuitively Felt By Users, And Can Only Be Compared With Some Data, Such As Acceleration Time To 100 Kilometers, Power Consumption Per 100 Kilometers, Maximum Speed, Charging Power And Speed, Etc.

Take The Tesla Model 3 Domestically Produced 2021 Standard Version As An Example:

Electronic Control System Ota Upgrade

Like Mobile Phones And Computers, The Software Of The Electronic Control System Can Be Upgraded. After The Upgrade, Various Performance Parameters Of The Vehicle Can Be Changed, Or New Functions Can Be Added. Ota Refers To Remote Upgrade Through Wireless Network.

For Example, Tesla Once Upgraded Through Ota A Few Years Ago, Shortening The Braking Distance Of The Vehicle At A Speed Of 100-0 Kilometers Per Hour By 6 Meters, Which Is Simply Unimaginable For Traditional Fuel Vehicles.

The OTA capability of the car can be divided into two types:

1. SOTA:

That is, the application software can be upgraded, which means that the application software such as the vehicle’s navigation, music or car system can be remotely upgraded.

2. Fota:

That Is, The Firmware Can Be Upgraded, Which Means That The Control Software Of All Parts Of The Vehicle Can Be Upgraded Remotely. This Is The Real Vehicle Ota, Which Can Learn And Evolve Just Like Intelligent Creatures, And Vehicle Performance Can Be Continuously Optimized And Improved.

Disclaimer: The Electronic Control Mentioned Here Mainly Refers To The Control System Of Vehicle Components, And Does Not Include Vehicle Intelligence And Automatic/assisted Driving. These Two Parts Are More Important And Will Be Introduced Later.

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