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What Is A Car Motor?

What Is A Car Motor?

The Motor (electric Motor) Uses The Principle Of Electromagnetic Induction. After Being Energized, It Can Rotate And Output Power To Drive The Vehicle. It Is Equivalent To The “muscle” Of The Car. The Stronger The Muscle, The Faster It Will Run.

Advantages of electric motors

1. The Electric Motor Can Be Transformed Into A Generator At Any Time To Convert The Kinetic Energy Of The Vehicle Into Electrical Energy For Recycling. When The Car Decelerates Or Goes Downhill, The Wheels Drive The Motor To Rotate, Which Can Generate Current To Charge The Battery And Realize Energy Recovery.

2. The Structure Is Simpler, The Failure Rate Is Low, And The Cost Is Low. There Is Only One Rotating Part And There Is Little To No Wear.

3. The Maximum Torque Can Be Reached At The Beginning Of Rotation, So It Starts Quickly And Runs Smoothly And Quietly.

4. The Energy Conversion Rate Is High, And It Can Meet Different Speed Requirements Without A Shiftable Gearbox. The Energy Conversion Rate Is As High As 90%, While The Fuel Engine Is Only More Than 30%.

5. Adjusting The Current Can Precisely Control The Speed And Direction Of Rotation, Which Is Very Easy To Realize Automatic/assisted Driving.

Taken Together, The Electric Motor Is The Perfect Driving Machine. And It Is Still Evolving, Such As The Hub Motor That Can Be Installed In The Wheel, Etc., Will Bring About Revolutionary Changes.

Classification Of Motors

There Are Two Main Types Of Electric Motors Used In Automobiles:

1. The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Has The Advantages Of Small Size And Low Energy Consumption At Low Speeds; The Disadvantages Are High Cost And High Failure Rate. Most Domestic Manufacturers Use This Kind Of Motor.

2. Asynchronous Induction Motor Has The Advantages Of Low Cost, Good Reliability, And Is Suitable For High-speed Driving; The Disadvantage Is High Energy Consumption And Large Size When Driving At Low Speed. This Motor Is Mainly Used In High-performance Vehicles And Large Vehicles.

High-performance Electric Vehicles Are Usually Used Together With A Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor And An Asynchronous Induction Motor To Balance Performance And Battery Life. Having Two Motors At The Same Time Can Also Improve Safety. If One Motor Fails, The Other Can Be Used To Maintain Driving.

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