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Advantages Of Home AC EV Charger

Advantages Of Home AC EV Charger

If You Have A Fixed Parking Space, You Can Apply To Install A Home Charging Pile. Charging At Home Is The Perfect Way To Charge.

1. The Most Convenient

It Is More Convenient To Make Full Use Of Free Time Than To Go To Refuel. You Can Start With A Full Battery Every Day, And Easily Meet The Needs Of The Car.

2. The Cheapest

You Can Enjoy Policy Preferential Electricity Rates. The Lowest Electricity Price At Night Is About 2-3 Cents/kwh. One Kilowatt-hour Of Electricity Can Drive 5-10 Kilometers, Which Is Only A Few Cents/km Equivalent To The Driving Cost. Calculated By Driving 2,000 Kilometers Per Month, The Monthly Electricity Bill Is Only 100-200 Yuan, Which Is Not Enough For A Meal.

3. The Safest

The Accident Analysis Shows That The Battery Fire Is Mainly Caused By Thermal Runaway During Fast Charging, And Rarely Occurs During Slow Charging.

4. Best Battery Performance

Long-term Slow Charging, On-demand Charging, Etc. Are The Most Beneficial Charging Methods For The Battery. The Battery Decays Very Little And The Power Is More Durable.

5, The Most Beneficial To The Grid

Cars Are Charged At Staggered Peaks At Night, Which Can Balance The Operating Efficiency Of The Grid System, Save Grid Investment, And Even Out Power Generation Costs.

Disadvantages Of Home Ac Ev Charger

The Only Downside Is That The Charging Speed Is Relatively Slow.
Home Charging Piles Are Slow Charging, Charging About 3-7 kWH Per Hour. Currently, There Are Faster Home Charging Piles, But The Corresponding Power Demand And Price Are Also Higher.

How To Apply For The Installation Of
Home EV Charger ?(for China)

1. Key Conditions: There Is A Fixed Parking Space, Which Can Be Bought Or Rented, And There Are Open Spaces Around Villas Or Self-built Houses.

2. Prepare The Following Application Materials:
Certificate Of The Right To Use The Parking Space (one Of The Following Materials): Parking Space Property Right Certificate, Parking Space Lease Contract, Villa Property Right Certificate, Self-built House Property Right Certificate.

Proof Of Identity (one Of The Following Materials): Id Card, Household Registration Book, Passport, Other Identity Documents

Proof Of Construction Approval By The Property (one Of The Following Materials): A Construction Permit Certificate Stamped By Any Unit Such As The Property, The Owner Committee, The Neighborhood Committee, The Village Committee, Etc.

In Addition To The Above-mentioned Main Materials, There May Be Other Requirements In Various Places. For Details, Please Consult The Car Dealer Or The Local Power Grid Company.

3. Application For Installation Process:

Submit Application Materials: It Is Recommended To Submit The Application Online, Such As Online State Grid App, China Southern Power Grid Wechat Official Account, Etc.

4. Difficulties In Applying For Installation:

The Property Management Committee Or The Property Committee Refuses To Issue Relevant Certificates

Rejection Reason 1: Insufficient Power Capacity
Countermeasures: Contact The Power Grid Company For On-site Investigation And Solution
Reason 2 For Refusal: There Are Fire Or Safety Issues, And Other Owners Object
Countermeasures: Complain To The Property Management Division Of The Housing And Urban-rural Development Bureau, Or Dial The 12345 Hotline To Complain.

What If There Is No Fixed Parking Space?

If there is no fixed parking space, can you enjoy the convenience of home charging? I believe car owners are looking forward to it. The following methods are for reference:

1. Look For Home Charging Piles Nearby Or In The Same Community To Share.

The Search Channels Include: Directly Walking Around In A Suitable Parking Lot; Apps Such As Star Charging And Power Plus Have Shared Private Piles; Groups Of Owners, Colleagues, Car Friends…

2. The Property Is Required To Introduce Charging Pile Operating Companies To Build Public Slow Charging Piles In The Parking Lot. All Parties Benefit, Win-win Cooperation!

3. Cooperate With Property Owners, Property Companies, Small Shops, Etc. To Build Shared Charging Piles Used By Multiple People. For Example, A Smart Meter Can Be Installed In Front Of An Ordinary Household Charging Pile, And The Power Can Be Charged And Billed By Scanning The Code; Or A Slow Charging Pile With A Sharing Function Can Be Directly Installed, And The Charging Can Be Charged And Billed By Scanning The Code.

The Knowledge Points Of Household Charging Piles Have All Been Explained, And The Knowledge Of Public Charging Piles Will Be Brought Next Time.

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