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Public Charging Pile Knowledge Explanation

Public Charging Pile Knowledge Explanation

At Present, About 20% Of Users Have Installed Home Charging Piles, And Most Users Need To Rely On Public Charging Piles. Although Public Charging Piles Have Increased Rapidly In Recent Years, They Still Need To Be Vigorously Constructed.

Distribution Of Public Charging Stations:

Large Cities Are Densely Populated, Small And Medium-sized Cities And Counties Are Insufficient, And Remote Areas Are Scarce.

Construction Status Of Charging Stations In Expressway Service Areas:

Developed Areas Are Basically Fully Covered, And There Are Fewer Underdeveloped Areas. The Number Of Charging Piles In The Service Area Is Still Relatively Small, And Long-distance Travel Should Be Avoided As Much As Possible During Peak Hours.

Features Of Public Charging Stations

1. Public Charging Stations Are Built In Various Parking Lots, And Charging Vehicles Can Generally Park For Free For 1-2 Hours.

2. The Price Of Public Charging Piles Is About Twice As High As That Of Household Charging Piles, And The Charging Price Includes Electricity Fee + Service Fee.

Among Them, The Electricity Fee Is About 0.3-1.2 Yuan According To The Time Period, And The Service Fee Is About 0.3-0.8 Yuan According To The Time Period, And The Total Is About 0.6-2 Yuan/kwh.

3. Except for the exclusive charging stations of a few brands, the general charging stations are universal and can be used by all vehicles, and the fast charging or slow charging interfaces are all national unified standards. The charging stations of some brands such as Tesla, Porsche, and Xiaopeng are only used by cars of this brand.

How To Find Public Charging Stations?

At Present, There Is No National Unified Charging Platform, And Multiple Software Needs To Be Used To Find Public Charging Station Information.

1. Automobile Brand App:

Generally, A Large Number Of Charging Stations Are Integrated, And Car Owners Are Provided With Discounts, Which Are Recommended For Reference.

2. Charging platform APP:

Large-scale charging operators or charging platform operators have more APPs connected to charging piles. It is recommended to install the following APPs for backup.

e-charging (State Grid): There are many charging piles and wide coverage, which is necessary for charging in high-speed service areas except the five southern provinces.

Special call: There are many charging piles across the country, covering a wide range of areas, but some sites are more expensive.

Star Charging: There are many charging piles across the country, but there is little site information. There are also 70,000 shared personal household piles.

Power up (NIO): There are many charging piles connected, rich and accurate information, many reviews, powerful functions and easy to use, highly recommended!

AutoNavi Map: Integrate the charging piles of each charging platform, with rich information and comments, you can compare prices and scan the code to charge!

Baidu map: There are many charging piles connected, and some piles can be charged directly by scanning codes, but the information of charging stations is not rich enough!

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