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Common Charging Methods For Electrical Vehicles

Common Charging Methods For
Electrical Vehicles

Due To The Three Major Problems Of Electric Vehicles, Such As Short Battery Life, Few Charging Piles, And Long Charging Time, Many Car Owners Have Battery Life Anxiety. How To Relieve Anxiety? Let’s Learn About The Various Charging Methods!

Common Method 1: Super Fast Charging

Since The Charging Speed Is Directly Related To The Power Of The Charging Pile, Let’s Increase The Power Of The Fast Charging Pile By A Small Target, For Example, Double It! Thus, The Super Charging Pile Was Born. The Typical Representative Of Overcharging Is The Tesla Supercharging Pile, Which Is Twice As Powerful As Other Fast Charging Piles, And The Vehicle And Battery Can Also Withstand Ultra-high Power.

According To The Media’s Actual Measurement, After The Tesla Supercharger Is Upgraded, The Charging Efficiency Has Improved Significantly. Comparing The Tesla V3 With The V2 Supercharger, The Time From 3% To 55% Is Saved By 35%, And The Time From 3% To 90% Is Saved By 16%.

Disadvantages Of SuperCharging:

(1) High Cost And Expensive Charging

(2) Vehicle Adaptation Is Required And Cannot Be Used Universally

At Present, The “SuperCharging” Speed Of Domestic Auto Brands Is Not Fast, And It Is Not A Super Charging Pile In The True Sense. I Hope To Catch Up As Soon As Possible.

Common Method 2: Fast Charge

Fast Charging Is Suitable For All Vehicles, Fast Charging, And Is The Most Important Charging Method Other Than Charging At Home.

Advantages Of Fast Charging:

1) Faster Charging

2) Common To All Vehicles

3) There Is A Lot Of Competition And The Price Is Moderate

Fast Charging Disadvantages:

1) The Venue And Management Level Are Uneven

2) Large Investment, Difficult To Popularize Quickly

Common Method 3: Slow Charging

The “protagonist” In The Slow Charging Process Of The Car Is The On-board Charger. The Slow Charging Pile Is Only For Connection – Connecting Ac Power To The Vehicle, So The Slow Charging Pile Is Small And Light. The “small Box” Is Mainly A Control And Safety Device .

National Standard Slow Charging Piles Mainly Have Two Kinds Of Power: 3.5kw And 7kw, Which Are Common To All Vehicles, And Generally The Actual Charging Power Is Also Related To The Vehicle.

As Vehicle Batteries Get Bigger And Bigger, Many New Cars Are Equipped With 11kw Ac Slow Charging Piles, Which Can Increase The Slow Charging Speed.

Tesla Charging Piles (including Home And Public Slow Charging Piles And Overcharging Piles) Cannot Charge Other Brands Of Vehicles Due To Software Restrictions, But Tesla Vehicles Can Use All Charging Piles.

Advantages Of Slow Charging:

1) Safe And Fully Charged

2) Less Investment, Easy To Popularize

3) Does Not Occupy The Site And Parking Space

Slow Charging Disadvantages:

1) Slow Charging And High Price

2) The Cost Of Charging And Parking Is Relatively High

Common Method 4: Portable Charger

Portable Charger Is Also A Way Of Slow Charging, And The Charging Process Is The Same As That Of Slow Charging Piles. The Difference Is That The Car Charger Can Be Carried And Used, But For Charging Safety, The Power Of The Car Charger Is Smaller.

Follow-up will introduce the purchase and safe use of car chargers in detail, so stay tuned!

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