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Electric Vehicle Charging Operation Steps

Electric Vehicle Charging Operation Steps

Know The Charging Interface

There Are Two Types Of Charging Ports On The Vehicle Body: Fast Charging Port And Slow Charging Port. The Method Of Distinguishing Is As Follows: The One With 2 Particularly Large Holes Is The Fast Filling Port, And The One With Almost The Same Size Is The Slow Filling Port.

There Are Also Two Types Of Charging Cables. In Addition To Corresponding Sockets, The Size And Weight Are Also Different. Please Distinguish Them And Insert Them Into The Corresponding Ports. The Fast Charging Gun Is Relatively Heavy And The Cable Is Thick; The Slow Charging Gun Is Relatively Light And The Cable Is Thin.

Basic Steps Of Charging

1. The Vehicle Is Mounted In The P Gear Or The Engine Is Turned Off: Some Models Cannot Start Charging When The Engine Is Not Turned Off!

2. Open The Cover Of The Charging Port, And Pay Attention To Check: Pay Attention To Whether There Are Foreign Objects Such As Water Stains Or Mud And Sand On The Interface, Especially In Rainy Days, Be Sure To Confirm It Clearly.

3. Take Out The Charging Gun From The Charging Pile: Press The Switch With Your Thumb And Pull Out The Charging Gun, And Also Check Whether There Are Foreign Objects Such As Water Stains Or Mud And Sand On The Interface.

4. Insert The Charging Gun Into The Corresponding Charging Port And Push It To The End: Do Not Press The Switch When Inserting The Gun, And The “click” Lock Sound Indicates That It Has Been Inserted In Place.

5. At This Time, The Vehicle Screen Will Display “connected To The Charging Pile”.

6. Use Your Mobile Phone To Scan The Qr Code On The Charging Pile: Use The Corresponding App Or Small Program To Scan The Code, Or Directly Use The Scan Wechat/alipay. (Home Charger Skips This Step)

7. Complete The Payment On The Mobile Phone And Start Charging. (Home Charger Skips This Step)

8. The Home Charger Can Start Charging Through Mobile Phones, Car Machines, Swiping Cards, Etc., Or You Can Make An Appointment To Start Charging At A Fixed Time. Different Home Charging Piles Have Slightly Different Starting Methods. (skip This Step For Public Charging Piles)

9. View Charging Data: You Can View Voltage, Current, Charging Capacity, Battery Life And Other Data On The Screen Of The Mobile Phone/car Machine/charging Pile.

10. Stop Charging: Press The Phone To Stop Charging Or Stop Automatically When Fully Charged.

11. Draw The Gun And Close The Charging Port Cover: Press The Switch And Pull Out The Charging Gun, And At The Same Time Close The Charging Port Cover Smoothly To Avoid Forgetting.

12. Put The Charging Gun Back To Its Original Position.

Payment Methods For Public Charging Piles

1. Recharge To Personal Account, And Then Debit According To The Order Amount.

2. Pay In Advance, And After Charging And Deduction Are Completed, The Balance Will Be Refunded Automatically.

3. Pre-authorize (wechat Or Alipay) For Each Charge, And The Payment Will Be Automatically Deducted After The Charge Is Completed.

4. Set The Pre-authorization, Plug And Charge Every Time You Charge In The Future, No Need To Scan The Code, And The Payment Will Be Automatically Deducted After Completion.

Money-saving Tips For Public Charging Piles

1. Try To Choose The Preferential Time For Charging.

Most Of The Charging Piles Are Billed According To The Time Period, And The Price Varies Greatly At Different Time Periods. It Is Recommended To Choose A Preferential Time Period For Charging.

2. Flexible Control Of Charging Start And Stop.

You Can Insert The Gun First, And Wait Until The Preferential Period To Start Charging Remotely. But Be Careful Not To Affect Other People’s Use!

Plug In The Charging Plug First, Take A Photo Of The Corresponding Qr Code, And Then Start Charging Remotely At Any Time. When Scanning The Code, Select The Qr Code Photo In The Album, Or Send The Photo To Another Mobile Phone And Then Scan The Code.

3. Enter The License Plate To Reduce Or Exempt Parking Fees.

Please Understand The Parking Reduction And Exemption Rules, And Enter The License Plate First Before Charging.

4. Pay Attention To The Activity Discounts Of Each Charging App/small Program.

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