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Special Charging Methods For Cars

Special Charging Methods For Cars

In Addition To Conventional Charging Methods, Cars Also Have Many Special Charging Methods That Can Be Used In Specific Scenarios. (* Note That Some Special Methods May Be Risky, This Article Is For Reference Only!)

Special Method 1: Battery Replacement

To Change The Battery Is To Take Out The Dead Battery And Replace It With Another Fully Charged One, Just Like Changing The No. 5 Battery Of A Toy Car.

For Weilai Automobile, Changing The Battery Is Just A Routine Operation, But Most People Still Feel It Is Very New, So Let’s Classify It As A Special Method For The Time Being.

In Addition To Weilai Automobile, There Are Also A Small Number Of Taxis That Use Battery Swapping For Trial Operation. Due To The Small Scale And High Cost, The Electricity Fee Per Kilometer Is About 30 Cents, Which Is More Expensive Than Charging, But It Saves Time.

Disadvantages Of Battery Replacement:

1) Increased Vehicle Cost

2) It Is More Difficult To Popularize And Promote

At Present, There Are National Standards And Subsidies For Battery Replacement. Many Battery And Car Manufacturers And Even Third-party Operating Companies Are Following Up. I Believe The Development Speed Will Be Faster And Faster.

Special Method 2: Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging Uses The Principle Of Electromagnetic Induction. The Coil Of The Transmitter Will Generate A Magnetic Field After Being Powered On. At This Time, The Coil Of The Receiver Will Generate An Induced Current, And This Current Will Charge The Battery Through The On-board Charger.

Wireless Charging Has Been Widely Used In Small Digital Products Such As Mobile Phones, But The Wireless Charging Of Cars Is Still In Trial And Is Expected To Be Mass-produced And Delivered Soon.

Special Method 3: Car-to-car Charging

Car-to-car Charging Means That One Car Discharges To Charge Another Car, And It Is Also Divided Into Fast Charging And Slow Charging.

1. Car-to-car Fast Charging

Generally, It Is A Commercial Service, And A Professional Electric Service Vehicle Provides Door-to-door Charging Or Emergency Rescue Services.

2. Slow Car-to-car Charging

Non-commercial Service Nature, The Vehicle With Discharge Function Charges Other Vehicles, And It Is Usually A Temporary Rescue Between Car Friends.

Special Method 4: Vehicle Towing And Charging

Towing Charging Is To Drag The Vehicle With External Force And Charge It Through The Energy Recovery System.

When There Is No Power In Remote Areas, You Can Ask Passing Vehicles To Assist In Towing And Charging. According To The Actual Test, The Charging Effect Is Good, The Faster The Drag, The Higher The Charging Power, But Please Be Sure To Drive At A Low Speed For Safety!

Special Method 5: Solar Charging

Using Solar Panels To Generate Electricity And Then Charge The Vehicle Is The Cleanest And Most Environmentally Friendly Way To Use Electricity.

Unfortunately, Due To Extremely Low Efficiency And High Cost, This Method Is Not Practical And Only Applicable To Limited Scenarios. At Present, There Are No Mature Automotive Products, And You Need To Buy Parts And Assemble Them Yourself.

Special Method 6: Other

There Are Also Some Other Ways Of Charging Cars With Big Brain Holes, Such As Large “charging Treasures”, Gasoline Generators, Etc., Which Do Not Seem To Be Practical At Present.

1. The Input-output Ratio Is Too Low.

2. If You Travel Long Distances, The Equipment Will Take Up Space And Increase The Weight, Which Will Increase The Energy Consumption Of The Vehicle, Which Is Not Worth The Candle.

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